The accelerating speed of technological development is profoundly changing the nature of warfare. Sophisticated technology is proliferating to the lowest echelon and necessitating structural reform within the militaries. In order to align capabilities to the future threat landscape, the defence sector is transforming military doctrine and increasing investment into experimentation and wargaming. 

The integration of artificial intelligence and robotics into the defence enterprise has the potential to enhance capability of conventional systems, advance pattern recognition, and remove humans from complex decision-making. Algorithmic warfare and the shift from centralised weapons to coordinated networks of smaller, unmanned systems is transforming military doctrine and the strategic dynamic in the defence sector.

Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation 2018 will take place in London, 24-25 September and provide a strategic forum for the exchange knowledge on R&D, combat efficiency, and military applications of AI, big-data analysis, quantum computing, and additive manufacturing. It will examine the ways in which disruptive innovation will impact capabilities for the future force joint force. The conference will bring together armed forces leaders, technology industry, defence industry, academia, and philosophers in a common undertaking. 




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